More Great Press for the EP

Michael Elliott, author of the John Hiatt biography "Have a Little Faith", gave Andy's EP "Pack It Up" a really nice write-up here.


Great Press for the EP

Music writer Lee Zimmerman included Andy in an article for Knoxville's Blank News profiling the "best of Blount County" singer-songwriters, and had some very nice things to say about "Pack It Up"!  Check out the article here.

Hey '19

I remember when the song “Hey Nineteen” was the “new” Steely Dan. Which is funny, because it’s a song about feeling your age. It’s about a guy who’s with a much younger woman who can’t relate to the things he…

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2018 Resolutions Revisited

At a recent appointment with my doctor, he observed that my blood pressure is higher than it should be.  He proposed some meds for it, but I really didn't like the idea of getting on a medication that I then…

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There's this website I love,, where fans post the set lists from shows they've seen.  What I'm talking about is the list and ordering of songs an artist plays in a particular show.  Especially when a band I…

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You Say You Want a Resolution

I went to the gym this sub-freezing morning, did some fast walking on the treadmill and some weights. Last night I ordered the salmon instead of the cheeseburger that was beckoning. My cholesterol was a little high at this year's…

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"Thankfuls" from the NC Shows

My wife, Susan, has this exercise she does most mornings in which she writes down "thankfuls" - things she's thankful for, whether really simple or more significant - as a way of both clearing and refocusing her mind.  I've experienced…Read more