A Moment of Clarity in Johnson City

I played at the Acoustic Coffeehouse in Johnson City this past weekend and received some unexpected gifts. It's a laid-back club, the kind of place where there seem to be a lot of regulars – people greeting each other,…

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Athens Show, 1/13/17

Had a great time Friday in Athens.  We reconnected with friends from Chattanooga whom we hadn't seen in too long, and discovered a welcoming venue and very kind music fans at the Beanery Uncorked.  I appreciate the response to my…

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Songs and the Stories Behind Them

In my live performances, I have started doing a lot more storytelling. Folks seem to enjoy it. And while I do believe the songs stand on their own, it also seems that some narrative background enhances the experience of hearing…Read more

Photos from 05/27/16, Bluetick Brewery

Steve Brummette, an excellent photographer and music supporter, came to the Bluetick show back in May and took a lot of great shots.  Here are a few of them - thanks so much, Steve!

My Favorite Season

I love fall, probably more than any other season.  The beautiful, clear skies.  The crisp air and colorful leaves.  Cool mornings and evenings on the front porch.  I was fortunate to get to play under this gorgeous sunset a couple…Read more

Angela's Show Rescheduled

Happy to report that the AC is back working at Angela's Deli in Athens, TN, and my show there has been rescheduled for July 31 at 7:00 pm!  Hope to see you there - it looks like a great place…Read more

Hot Enough for Ya?

Sad to report that the June 19 Angela's Deli show had to be cancelled due to air conditioning problems.  Bummer!  I was really looking forward to playing at what appears to be a very cool venue.  Alas, it's lately been…Read more

Summertime: Going Out to Play

As a kid, I always loved summertime (who didn't?).  We would spend the days out playing in the woods and in the creek, later skateboarding, still later playing in our band late into the evening.  Nowadays, we're fortunate to live…Read more