Andy's Story

Andy Sneed grew up in the small town of Oxford, North Carolina. Now based in East Tennessee, he is known for a powerful singing voice and songs that can be funny, thought-provoking, and touching all at once. Steve Wildsmith of The Maryville-Alcoa Daily Times described Andy's music this way: [A] style that draws on the jangly college-rock of R.E.M. and various folk singer-songwriters like Pete Townsend of The Who, artists whose sound is more upbeat than dour.... His voice ranges from the gentle croon of David Wilcox to the hiccuping bounce of David Byrne."  And this: "In recent years, he’s been drawn to fellow tunesmiths like Jason Isbell and Robert Ellis, and...he’s focused on painting pictures in his songs more than fixating on clever rhymes."

As a kid, Andy delivered newspapers and was in the Methodist children's choir, and later formed a punk band with his best friends. He started out playing drums but pretty soon switched to guitar because (1) honestly, he wasn't that good at drums, and (2) guitar worked better for writing and singing songs. He's been writing and performing music in various settings ever since.  



Andy's music started really getting attention several years back. His song "Everything I Say" received an Honorable Mention in the 2013 Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, and he was invited to perform the same song in the 2013 Richard Leigh Songwriters Festival in Abingdon, VA. His song "Another Day at the KFC" was a finalist in the 2014 Richard Leigh Songwriters Festival, and he was invited to perform a set of his songs at the 2015 Richard Leigh Songwriters Festival. Since that time he's kept busy playing solo shows, participating in songwriter circles, and performing sets at large events throughout East Tennessee and into Western North Carolina and Southwest Virginia, where folks consistently enjoy hearing him.

Andy self-produced a couple of collections of home recordings in 2009 and 2011, and he recorded acoustic studio demos of a few of his songs in 2015. You can hear a selection of these tracks on the Music page. In Fall 2019, he recorded six songs at Black Dog Recording along with a bass player, drummer, and additional guitarist. These recordings became the EP "Pack It Up," released in June 2020, available on CD and via download also on the Music page.

After the forced break from livbe shows caused by COVID-19, Andy is excited to get out and play shows again and share the new EP with audiences. Check out the Shows page for upcoming dates, and if you'd like contact Andy for booking, just email him.