andy sneed brings hooks and heart

Andy Sneed is your future favorite taproom surprise. His bright, polished ’80s-meets-Americana songs are constructed with deeply thoughtful and carefully crafted lyrics telling stories that draw you into the narrative. Settle in with your IPA and let Andy's catchy tunes wash over you with melodies both fresh and familiar, sing-along hooks, and heartfelt storytelling.

A North Carolina native now based in East TN and Asheville, Andy is known for a singing voice that "ranges from the gentle croon of David Wilcox to the hiccuping bounce of David Byrne" (Steve Wildsmith, Maryville Daily Times) and "tremendous talent for crafting melodies that resonate with eagerness and enthusiasm" (Lee Zimmerman, Blank News - Knoxville).

Andy's songs started getting wider attention some years back, when "Everything I Say" and "Another Day at the KFC" placed in the 2013 Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival (Gatlinburg, TN) and the 2014 Richard Leigh Songwriters Festival (Abingdon, VA), respectively. He was a featured performer at the 2015 Richard Leigh Songwriters Festival. Since then, Andy has kept busy playing solo shows, songwriter circles, and festival sets throughout East TN and Western NC.

In 2020, Andy released a six-song, full-band EP "Pack It Up."  You can hear the single "Everybody's Going to California" right here, and check out the other tracks on the Music page of this website.

In a typical live show, Andy mixes in his original songs with a generous helping of cover tunes both classic (Elton John, Tom Petty) and contemporary (Jason Isbell), but he can flex depending on the desires of the venue.

Examples of venues played: 

The Bird & the Book, Maryville, TN 

City Lights Cafe, Sylva, NC 

Townsend Abbey, Townsend, TN 

The Daily Grind & Wine, Murphy, NC 

The Open Chord, Knoxville, TN (Songwriter Night) 

The Station, Louisville, TN (opener)

The Acoustic Coffeehouse, Johnson City, TN  

Vienna Coffee House, Maryville, TN

Good Stuff, Marshall,  NC

Pumpkintown Festival, Athens, TN



"Andy Sneed’s affable attitude is reflected well in his music. Relying mainly on voice and guitar, he was frequently seen pre-pandemic in clubs, coffee shops and listening rooms singing songs of his own making, as well as a few choice covers that reflect the era when he came of age (the ‘70s and ‘80s).  His new EP 'Pack It Up' reflects Sneed’s good-natured approach and tremendous talent for crafting melodies that resonate with eagerness and enthusiasm. It’s an approach he’s perfected through numerous solo performances. His ability to hold audiences’ attention all on his own is unparalleled, which, as any performer will attest, is no small challenge."  - Lee Zimmerman, Blank News (Knoxville)

"Andy Sneed started out in high school in a punk group with songs [that] were a reflection of what was happening in the mid-1980s. Almost thirty-five years later, the sound has matured but the quirkiness remains, thank goodness. Songs like the opening, 'Everybody’s Going to California' and 'Another Day At the KFC' will make you nostalgic for 120 Minutes but won’t make your head hurt."   - Michael Elliott, author of the John Hiatt bio Have a Little Faith



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