From the recording Pack It Up

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You say an optimist can never be pleasantly surprised
You say it offhand and wise-eyed
Like you've got some thickness to your hide

And you predict the coming storm or stock market crash
On a fifty percent chance of rain
Or any chance of running short of cash

You say the only thing that ever keeps the hungry wolves at bay
Is your constant vigilance for them every day
Else your safety can’t be explained

You show me your hard shell, but I can see the cracks
You’ve got so much to give, why you holding back
You've got some bad vibes and they’re your talisman
To drive your deepest fears away
But honey, you don’t have to be afraid
'Cause I know

That good things, good things are gonna happen for you
I don’t know how I know it but I do
For me it is a hard-wired truth
Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t exclude

The bad things, cause bad things will happen too
Shit come down, it’ll make you blue
The world gives and takes from you
And nothing you can do

So I don’t see the sense in inviting trouble in
Keeping a special candle lit, an extra place set
Better to make up the spare bed

For the good things, the good things
Good things are gonna happen for you
Good things are coming soon